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Rock N Roll Car Show

Sunday, August 14, 2022 • 7:00am – 3:30pm

Note: this is a separate event, not affiliated with State of Charge ’22 nor La Vida Volta!

By lucky coincidence, one of the region’s largest car events is happening on Sunday — just minutes down the road at an NHRA drag strip! Why not make it a 3-day extravaganza and register ($35) for this fun event? How cool would it be to show up with a contingent of badass EV-converted classics… likely to make some “believers” out of the massive crowd of muscle car, import, and hot rod fans.

  • Grudge racing? – Get in line, Mr. (or Mrs.) Hellcat… 😉
  • Burnout contest? – “Yes, please!”, sez EV torque-on-demand.
  • Car show? – Lookin’ at you, InspireEV, and that freshly-painted Mustang.
(Did we mention, unaffiliated event?)
(photograph stolen from

FWIW, I’ve asked the good folks at Bandimere to please consider adding an “EV” category to the show. If you agree, maybe send them a (friendly) note, too?!